Seamless Integration with Voice Assistants

Simply ask, "Hey Google, show me the camera," or "Alexa, show the camera," and get a live view of your home instantly. Stay connected and in control with voice-activated monitoring at your fingertips.

Clear Vision, Day and Night

Experience unparalleled image quality that remains sharp and clear, whether it's the brightest day or the darkest night. Safeguard your property, vehicles, and loved ones with confidence, day and night.

Stay Connected with Peace of Mind

Monitor your home from anywhere. Experience the reassurance of knowing your loved ones are safe and sound, even when you're away.

One Screen, Total Control

Introducing Camview. View and manage all your surveillance cameras from one convenient screen, ensuring peace of mind and complete control over your security.

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4.98 average
213 reviews

Super easy to connect to Wi-Fi. You can turn the light on and off from your phone with the Geeni app as well as change the color.


Walmart Customer

I love technology and this was such a simple interface to get set up and attached to the wall.


Walmart Customer

Awesome addition to our home security network


Loyal Customer

I really love this camera and it's perfect for my home. This camera helps me to see what my dogs and kids are doing while I'm not home.


Loyal Customer

These are my FAVORITE smart bulb.


Loyal Customer

These lights have great features. You can schedule them to come on at certain days and times, you can change the brightness and even the color for holidays. I plan on buying a few more.


Loyal Customer

Love these LED bulbs! Easiest way to start your smart home. Works with so many control devices or use your cell phone. Nothing else to buy.


Loyal Customer